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Dr. Bosko

As a child I was sick frequently and often severely. When I was eight years old, my parents took me to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital due to seizures. The diagnosis was epilepsy and the doctors prescribed multiple medications. I took the medications for about six months while I continued to pass out. Thankfully my aunt who was a chiropractor saw me pass out one day and she began adjusting me. Almost immediately the passing out stopped and I was able to stop taking the medications. This was what sparked my desire to become a chiropractor. As I grew, it always amazed me that people would talk about back pain whenever I brought up chiropractic. My experience with chiropractic care had nothing to do with back pain, but it took me from being sick and unable to do the things my brothers were doing to a normal child. My perspective is still that, I want to help those with struggling health issues and help them live a better and more fulfilling life. In addition, for some, that does mean getting rid of back pain or neck pain. But for many it means dealing with changing chronic conditions and diseases.

I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and graduated in 1998 as a Doctor of Chiropractic. The following year I began practicing in Chambersburg and continued to practice there until April of 2014. At that time I decided to open my own office in Greencastle. I have two children, Kira and Jack, who help to keep me active. I also enjoy running and hunting.

I have a deep desire to help people not only get better but I want to see them take control of their health. Although some things are out of our control, many aspects of our health and lives we can have an impact on and improve if we desire. This I feel is my specialty. Using technology to measure how the body is responding allows me to create plans for each individual. This includes chiropractic but it may also include nutrition or specific exercises. I help patients create plans that will help them achieve their goals for their health.

I see a variety of conditions and when most people think of a chiropractor they generally think of musculoskeletal complaints. Hurt backs and necks, pulled muscles, headaches are the most common initial complaints that I see. But as people begin to heal and recover they begin noticing other aspects of their health improving and this is where it gets fun for me. Patients have reported stomach and digestive system problems improving, fertility issues resolving, in children I have seen colic improve as well as asthma and allergies.

The interesting part though is when these things improve patients are often confused. They want to know how I fixed those problems when they never told me about them. I explain that everything in the body is controlled by the nervous system and if there is an impingement on the nerves, we call a subluxation, it interferes with the body’s ability to be healthy. I don’t need to know all their symptoms, I just need to know where the subluxations are, and if I can correct them the body begins to heal and return to a normal healthy state.

To help me with this I use technology called the Insight, this is a non-invasive tool that helps me measure and determine not only where problems are but also shows how the patient is responding to care. This allows me to base care not on pain but on function. The better your body functions the healthier you are going to be and the less likely you will have symptoms.

I am always working to get a person’s health to improve and this can incorporate other aspects of a healthy lifestyle including nutrition, exercise, and sleep to name a couple. My goal is to give your body the environment and tools it needs to restore itself to a healthier state. Sometimes this is difficult given what we have done to our bodies for so long, but when we start to make small changes the results are often seen quickly. That doesn’t mean everyone goes back to being perfect, everyone responds differently to care, and I want to help guide the patient through the healing process.

Currently I see patients dealing with the acute injuries and pains as well as people trying to manage chronic conditions such as Lupus, Lyme’s disease, and fibromyalgia. Again I want to say I do not cure these conditions but I help the individual become healthier which means the disease has less of an impact on them. This often reduces the medications but more importantly improves their quality of life.

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